Loca’s Little Secrets

{November 26, 2014}   Feelings and Clothes

So yesterday I found out I didn’t get into this business course I really wanted to get into to help me with my clothing business. They said I wasn’t ready. I was really disappointed when I found out and basically went home and crawled into bed and felt crappy. No one likes rejection. Anyway I was lying in bed thinking do I really want to do this business thing? How do i know it is going to work? Even if it does work it will still only supplement another source of income. I suppose that is ok, supplementing an income. The fear is it won’t work at all and that I’ll end up feeling kind of bad when people don’t really like it. So I’m lying there with all these negative type thoughts in my head and decided well if it is not going to go ahead anyway I might as well wear the clothes I have bought. I also thought it will be interesting to see how it feels to wear a beautifully crafted outfit worth $500. So I put it on and went out. I felt great. I really did. I went from lying around feeling crappy to feeling awesome. For me I like to wear beautiful things and when they are ethically produced and expensive it just adds to the whole experience and the fun. I realised Liquid is going to be an experience. It is not just about practicality although there is that aspect because we all wear clothes. But there is the added extra of the experience of being able to wear a $500 outfit at the fraction of the price. I just went to dinner at Sushi Ya but it was a more amazing night because I had the fun of a great new outfit. I looked great, I felt great and just to add to it the clothes were not made in China or by workers being labour trafficked. They come from brands who care about their ethical practices and their staff. Anyway to help you understand my feelings here are words by Eric Bibb. “New Pair of Shoes.” Should I slip in Liquid members will get new clothes every month. Two new outfits. Anyway this song is about shoes, but same kind of feeling.

Bought me a new pair of shoes

Got buckles on the side

Bought me a new pair of shoes

Got buckles on the side

I got a brand new way of walkin’

Got a new glide in my stride 

Now my rent’s overdue

An’ my landlord’s fit to fight

Now my rent’s overdue

An’ my landlord’s fit to fight

I’m not too concerned

‘Cos my new shoes fit just right

 If my landlord evicts me

I won’t break down an’ cry

I’ll just keep on walkin’

With my head up in the sky


New shoes shinin’ with the buckles on the side

Best fit I ever had –

Not too tight an’ not too wide


Bought me a new pair of shoes

Feel like I’m walkin’ on a cloud

With my new buckle shoes I’m dancin’

You know I’m proud –

Make a hard-workin’ man like me

Stand out in any crowd

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