Loca’s Little Secrets

{July 6, 2011}   what is current??

I am still here. And I do still have thoughts. And I do still have stories. I am just not exactly sure of what they are.

There would be lots of stories to tell from the last time I blogged. There has been stuff in the Education Work that has simply blown me away, and brought me and my team to depths I could never have dreamt of, but it is not exactly current (school holidays).

I had the most amazing time in Alice. The best birthday in years, dancing to midnight oil and michael franti and playing musical chairs, but again not current (my birthday is the 25th of June).

What is current??? Oh I have it. I am lying on my new bed. It is so frickin good. Thanks mum and dad!! You guys are the best. And what is so great is the guy, John, I brought it from is so cool. He runs this shop that still doesnt have eftpos and it took him like 2weeks to find all the wheels for my bed. It is a vintage shop, and a second hand bed but it has the chiropractic association label all over it. Apparently some rich couple had a fancy house in the mountains that they never used so they sold the house and handed over the bed to John who has now sold it to me. I am very happy. My last bed creaked everytime I moved. This one is quiet as. All ready for the winter activities. Not that they ever come. But count my blessings. I will sleep well tonight. Yay.



Tom says:

Never heard winter activities described as winter activities before. That’s funny.

gemhaze says:

And I thought I was being subtle.

Stella says:

Glad you are happy with the bed. Sleep well.

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